A Leak can turn into any object and hunts for baby blood and body parts.

Victoria Tunggono   13 August 2016 13:53

Brilio.net - All the many different tribes and cultures in Indonesia have their own own myths and legends. Bali is just place with its own legends. One is the Leak.

Leak means “evil sorcerer", with Le meaning sorcere and ak meaning evil. A Leak can be both male and female. Two of the most famous are female and another is male. People say a Leak’s magic can only function in Bali, but either way the Island of the Gods is definitely its home. 

Only leak hunters can see them and they are only visible at night. In daylight, a leak looks like a normal human (some believe a Leak is actually just a human who studies dark magic), while at night its head and organs free themselves from its body and they would wander around cemeteries to finding human organs to use in magic potions. Those potions help it transform it into many objects and shapes, including animals like a tiger, a monkey with golden teeth and a pig, or inanimate objects like motorcycles or fireballs, and even a figure of Rangda, the queen of black magic. In its true form the Leak is believed to have very long tongue and sharp canine teeth. 

Leaks are often identified with evil behavior, black magic, dark forces and cannibalism. They can fly around in search of pregnant women so they can suck on the blood of unborn children. They need the blood from a fetus for their magic practices. A Leak can be killed if it is stabbed in the neck from the bottom up, while the head is apart from the body That way the head cannot return to the body and if separated for long enough, the Leak would die. 

Leak’s biggest enemy is Barong, a protagonist in Balinese myth. He is the king of good spirits and the representation of goodness, while Rangda represents evil. But he does not emerge in the story of her origins.


The legend of Leak was recorded in the Javanese Calon Arang myth during the reign of Airlangga, King of Medang, in the 11th century. In a village called Girah, a widowed witch called had a beautiful daughter. She was called Dayu Datu and known at the time as Calon Arang, and her daughter was Ratna Manggali.

It is said that Ratna Manggali committed adultery but the young men in the village didn’t have the courage to marry her because they were afraid of her witch mother. Calon Arang was so angry that she caused the deaths of many people in revenge. Hatred for her grew so widespread that soldiers asked the King to punish her. The soldiers found her asleep and grabbed her by the hair, but she woke up and shot fire at the soldiers from her eyes. One escaped, though, and reported to the King

When Calon Arang found out that the King was planning to try her for murder she was furious. She spread evil throughout the kingdom, causing a huge epidemic.

Calon Arang wrote her magic down in a book called the Kitab Calonarang. A hero then emerged in Mpu Bharada, who conquered the evil witch and secured the book so the magic could not spread. But her students went to Bali and there her knowledge was passed down to people now known as the Leak.

A special ritual is held in Bali every nilem (new moon) to protect people from the Leak’s attack.

Leak levels

In general, a Leak can change for up to 1,000 times, with at least five unique features in each form. Every form corresponds to a level that reflects how much of Calon Arang's knowledge it has.

For example, a Balinese wooden mask with fangs and long protruding tongue sticking out is called Celuluk, signifying the lowest level of Leak knowledge.

At the lowest knowledge level, people can transform themselves into simple, common animals like monkeys, dogs, white chickens, goats and so on. 

Mid-level knowledge allows people to transform into Garuda, a mythological bird that can fly high in the sky, has poison in its beak and claws and can shoot fire from its eyes. At this level a Leak can also transform into a Jaka Tunggul or a palm tree that can release fire and poisonous odor.

High-level knowledge grants the user the ability to transform into Bade, a towering wagon that carries dead bodies around Bali. The whole tower and turn into fire and turn everything around it into ash. 



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