Powerful moms teach their children lessons for a lifetime. See what your mom has taught you that you can pass on to your kids one day!

Retno Wulandari   21 July 2016 14:20

Brilio.net - There’s nothing like the relationships between a mother and a child! They are all special. Some, though, are real tiger moms!

Strong moms don’t teach you what people would teach you. They inspire you to be yourself and to stand for what you believe in.

Writer Diane Koopman and education management professional Vibha Sharma (both experienced mothers) have shared the qualities strong moms instil in their kids.

1. She teaches you to be respectful and to always giving

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Being compassionate and always giving to others in need will grant you respect, but as mom says, that’s not the main purpose of giving. Generosity will let you remember the hardest times of your life, and how you’ve passed that time with the helping hands of others.


2. She encourages you to speak your mind

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Honesty and frankness give your mom strength and she teaches her children to have those qualities as well. A powerful mom values good communication to convey her messages and vice versa. When you grow up with a powerful mom, you are able to speak your mind wisely and remain in touch with your thoughts and feelings.


3. She shows you that no one is self-sufficient

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This way she teaches you to stay humble, and always remember that it’s contribution of others that help you become who you are. When you raised by a strong mom, you know how to appreciate others.


4. But she shows you how to be independent

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Being independent doesn’t mean that you don’t need others. It means you are able to make your own decisions and can do anything without needing others’ approval. She teaches you to think for yourself and use your own wisdom to solve problems. Just like how your mom uses her strength to nurture her kids, you are a leader and won’t compromise your standards.


5. She doesn’t tell you what to think, but how to think

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Even if she can, a powerful mom won’t tell her child what to think. Instead, she teaches them how to think. In many ways, she encourages you to gather information from many sources, evaluate them and form your own opinion. That makes you an expert at seeing opportunities. You’re hungry to learn and willing to change your mind. You aren’t afraid to ask questions, to be wrong and even to fail. That way, you’ll learn a lot.


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