The beauty and bittersweet reality of motherhood.

Septika Shidqiyyah   16 November 2016 13:29 - A series of photos capturing a woman angkot (public minivan) driver breastfeeding while driving recently went viral, bringing the spotlight on women's efforts to juggle the basic demands of motherhood and work. 

"It's a true story... right this very minute... while on my way to Poris Terminal, this great woman was breastfeeding while doing her job as an angkot driver. I cried... my heart feels like it's being ripped out. I'm nothing compared to her," said Amy Almasary, who posted the photo.

The photo, said to be taken in Tangerang, attracted a flood of comments, some of which were critical of the woman, while others voiced support. 

"So careless, that's not safe at all. If her baby were to suddenly cry, she would lose concentration and — BAM — the end. I feel more sorry for those vegetable sellers or scavengers carrying their children while working. This is absolutely careless and ridiculous," wrote Dessy Irawanto.

"That's a mother's sacrifice. Willing to do everything for her beloved child," said Susila Indrawati.

"My goodness... kudos to this woman... a  true super woman. Working to make a living but still prioritizing her child. It's very risky, though. Poor baby. I hope she'll get a better job," said Salsabilla Elfauziah.


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