Catch up before our live broadcast of the third US Presidential Debate.

  17 October 2016 18:37

As US voters prepare to go to the polls on November 8, presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are set to meet again for one final debate session that will take place at 08.00 a.m. on Thursday West Indonesia Time (WIB) — and you can stream the debate live on Brilio English's Facebook page.
With two debates behind them and an election just three weeks away, a lot is expected from both sides in this final round. Below we list some highlights from the past two debates and a few things to keep an eye out for this week. 

1. Trump shrugs off sexual assault talk as "locker room talk"

The Trump camp has been under fire after a video surfaced in which the candidate describes sexually assaulting women in a taped conversation with Acess Hollywood's Billy Bush. Naturally, the issue came up at the second debate, with Trump quickly brushing it off as "locker room talk." The controversy has led a number of Republicans to withdraw their support for Trump and saw nine women come forward with accusations of sexual assault. 

2. Threats to jail Clinton over emails

"It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country," Clinton said nearly halfway through the second debate. To that, Trump quickly responded "because you'd be in jail." 

3. Lurking on stage

The format of the second debate allowed candidates more space to walk around the stage as they responded to answers from the audience, but Trump might've taken things a little too far, lurking behind Clinton as she answered questions. In a recent interview with Ellen Degeneres, Clinton described the whole thing as very weird. We'll have to see if this continues!

 4. The shimmy

There were plenty of things to take home from the first debate, but it was Hillary Clinton's shimmy along with an "WOO... Okay!" as she responded to an interruption by Trump that left the hardest impression — one that's guaranteed a space in the hall of fame of internet memes. 


 5. At first there was a handshake... and then there was none.

A handshake is a tiny but important gesture. A gesture of good will. An indication of mutual respect. Even if just for the cameras. Both candidates shook hands at the beginning of the first debate, but come the second one, both entered the venue with no sign of making the first move. 

6. Lies, lies, lies?

There were a few things Trump said Clinton was wrong about in the second debate, among them was his alleged praise of Vladimir Putin and a statement saying climate change was a concept invented by China. However, his pro-Putin comments have beel well-documented by the media, while a tweet from 2012 showed the comment he made about climate change. 

7. Equal speaking times 

With only a small window to offer on-point answers to each question, it's only natural that each candidate would sometimes go over their time limit. While Trump seems to think moderators were being unfair and giving Clinton more time to speak, both candidates actually spoke for almost the same amount of time. Trump actually got slightly more. 


8. One question that took them both off guard

The last question from the audience at the second debate caught both candidates a little off guard, as they were both asked to name positive qualities about each other. Clinton highlighted Trump's role as a father, praising him for raising great children, while Trump in turn praised Clinton for being a fighter. "She doesn't quit, she doesn't give up. I respect that," he said.

9. Badass debate moderators 

Moderators play an important role in these debates, not just in communicating questions but also making sure each candidate plays fair and by the rules. Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper led the second debate with grit, calling out candidates going over time and telling the audience to stay quiet. Many likened them to high school teachers trying quiet a noisy classroom — and we all know that's no easy job. 

10. Candidates' moods

Donald Trump has been on the offensive from the start, often blurting "wrong" or "lies" as Clinton answers a question, while Clinton herself has been mostly calm and composed, mostly unaffected by her opponent's aggressive comment. Some say Trump managed to take it down a notch in the second debate, much to the relief of Republicans, so it'll be interesting to see if he keeps it up in the final round. 

BONUS! Trump challenges Clinton to a drug test.

Saying she was "all pumped up" in previous debates, Trump suggested he and Clinton both submit to drug tests before the final debate. 

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