Sao Paulo is the first city in the world to launch Ubercopter- Uber Helicopter.

Sahil Nathani   19 June 2016 14:32 - Wouldn’t it be nice to just fly and get away from all the terrible traffic that you’ve been dreading all this time? Ride-hailing app Uber has been appreciated by many users in multiple locations across the globe. With just a click of a button, we are soon en route to our respective destinations. In Brazil today, Uber doesn’t just boast its success on the road, but in the skies too. That’s right; Sao Paulo residents can now fly to get to where they want to be!

Ubercopter collaborates with Airbus and utilizes three helicopter operators, with each aircraft being able to facilitate a maximum of four passengers. It aims to cater to people who want to travel ‘between airports, hotels and convention centers’. Five helipads and four hotels in Sao Paulo, the world’s largest helicopter fleet, are currently linked with Ubercopter. In order to request for one, it’s as simple as booking via the regular Uber app. In this case, ‘users will be redirected to an app where they can use their Uber credentials. Clients then get a text message with information about the location of the nearest helipad.’ Prices vary between $17 and $80 per seat.

In fact, Uber had also offered helicopter services during France’s Cannes Film Festival and Utah’s Sundance Film Festival. In Asia, a handful of lucky Uber customers in Indonesia’s island of Bali were randomly selected to take part in free helicopter rides during a promotion teaser advertised on February 19th. Well, you never know- Ubercopter may soon be introduced to a place somewhere near you!



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