A holiday ends in tragedy for two visitors

Ivana Lucic   14 June 2016 16:45

Brilio.net - Mama Earth has been all crazy lately. From flooding the River Seine in Paris to earthquake tremors in the Indian Ocean, something is up with the waters of the world.

If you’ve been in Bali lately, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen quite the crazy waves. And maybe not even in the best ways for all you surfers out there. We’re talking waves sawllowing up entire shores in their strength, and sometimes even people as two unfortuante tourists found.

Piter Ten, from Indonesia and Wong Sum Sum from Hong Kong were tragically dragged out to sea at Padang Galak Beach, Sanur on Thursday afternoon. Now for those of you who know Sanur, the waves are pretty calm. Flat, in fact. Most of the time you can paddle board without so much as an inkling of energy. But the waves have been high lately, with swells swallowing up entire beach bars.

“We have tried to find the trace of the victim along with Balawista (Indonesian Surf Life Saving Association). Based on the examination of the witnesses, the victim allegedly died because of huge waves hit them and swept away, after they tried to laying flowers and ash on the seafront, ” said Denpasar Police Ketut Suparta, Tribun Bali reported.

The two bodies are at Sanglah hospital now.

Be careful on the shore for all the locals and visitors to Bali. The ocean is a powerful force so enjoy it from afar until it settles down. The emergency warning said to be o high alert until June 10, 2016.



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