Former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono holds a press conference in Central Jakarta on Feb. 3, 2017. ( Aries)

And Twitter responds.

Adelia Anjani Putri   07 February 2017 16:50

Former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono faces the specter of a mocking hashtag since he took to Twitter this week to vent his frustration at the current government and political climate. 

SBY has been in the headlines since a press conference on Feb. 3, when he gave a 40-minute speech railing against alleged wiretapping and conspiracies against him

Yesterday, SBY raised concerns about his rights and safety on Twitter. Netizens responded with the hashtag #SayaBertanya (I'm Asking).

“I’m asking Mr. President and the National Police Chief, do I not have the right to live in my own country, with my human rights?” SBY wrote. “I’m just asking for justice. I leave my safety in God’s hands.”

Hundreds of users have been ridiculing the former president after that tweet.

Twitter comedian @victorkamang changed SBY’s question into a popular song. 

“I’m asking Sir, why do we have to starve during fasting? SB Sam Bimbo,” he tweeted, in a reference to a song by 80s band Bimbo.

Even President Jokowi’s youngest son, Kaesang Pangarep, jumped on the bandwagon. 

“I’m asking Mr. President and Police Chief, is the pain caused by unrequited love covered by national healthcare insurance?” he wrote on his Facebook page

SBY's tweets continued today, with claims of fake Twitter accounts using his name to send out tweets attacking President Joko Widodo and the chairperson of Jokowi’s party (PDI-P), Former President Megawati Soekarnoputri.

“Someone sent out a tweet as if it were from me, attacking Pak Jokowi and Ibu Megawati. It was not from me. Not my character,” he said. “There are several Twitter accounts using the name S.B. Yudhoyono, with hundreds or thousands of followers. My following today are 9.5 million.”

There are several accounts on Twitter purporting to be the former president's, but it was not immediately clear what tweets he was referring to.

SBY has been an avid Twitter user since he left office in 2014 and regular airs everything from opinions to prayers on the social media platform. His handle, @SBYudhoyono, is verified by Twitter. 

“Netizens and the people should not be pitted against each other," he also wrote. 

"I hope the authorities will handle the fake news that has been dividing the people.”

#SayaBertanya is still trending on Twitter. 


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