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Twelve people were injured but there were no reported deaths.

Tunggul Kumoro   03 March 2017 08:05

Four inmates escaped Jambi Class II A Penitentiary during a riot on Wednesday evening.

The riot started after several inmates refused an anti-narcotics operation that was being carried out by the National Anti-Narcotics Agency (BNN). They burned the prison’s canteen and hall and attacked officers who were deployed to handle the uproar.

The operation found twenty inmates tested positive for narcotics, according to Law and Human Rights Minister.

Jambi Police Chief Bridg. Gen. Yazid Fanani added that the riot was also worsened by inmates’ dissatisfaction towards the prison’s poor facilities.

There are no casualties from the riot but twelve people suffered serious injuries —six of them were police and the rest were inmates.

Four inmates managed to find their way out of the penitentiary complex.

Authorities only found out about the escape Thursday morning at around 5 a.m..

“When we were checking and counting (the inmates) at 5 a.m. this morning, we found out that four of them were not there,” said Bambang Palasara, the head of the Law and Human Rights Ministry’s Jambi office, on Thursday.

Fire has been put down and the condition has been controlled by authorities.

However, the police is taking their time to investigate the incident.

“We haven’t named (the riot initiator). We’re still trying to cool down the situation, make it comfortable gain and clean up. Then, we’ll start to investigate,” National Police Spokesperson Sr. Commr. Martinus Sitompul said on Thursday.


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