SMK graduates are expected to be as what industries need.

Islahuddin   25 November 2016 15:47 - Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) earlier this week called for the need to have more pratical methods of learning in vocational schools, as opposed to "normative teachers". 

"The problem is that our vocational high schools have teachers that are mostly normative ... like chemistry teachers, physics teachers, Pancasila moral education teachers," he said. "What they actually need are teachers who have skills to guide students in assembling machines, automotive components, and so on."

According to Jokowi, vocational high schools should be a place that teaches more specific knowledge to students in order to create skilled and competent young practitioners and workers. 

“That’s what I have seen in Germany, South Korea, Japan, they can be advanced because of vocational training and vocational school, nothing else,” he continued.

He added that Indonesian workers must be supported by vocational training, but it has to be in accordance with what industries need. Jokowi revealed that vocational high schools produce a high number of graduates at almost 60 percent, but that such institutions need to make sure their students are managed with careful detail. 


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