Mount Sinabung. (AP Photos/Roone Patikawa)

The mountain has erupted 47 times in the past six days.

Petra Hapsari   07 February 2017 18:45

Authorities set the status of Mount Sinabung to Level IV Alert as it has erupted 47 times in the past six days. 

The mountain is located in Karo Regency, North Sumatera.

In a statement released today, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency reported that the mountain erupted 8 times on Feb. 2, 12 times on Feb. 3, 12 times on Feb. 4 and 7 times on Feb. 5.

From Feb. 6 to 7, there were 8 eruptions without any sound, but the mountain produced thick grayish white ash that reached an altitude of 1,000 – 2,000 meters from the summit.

Locals and visitors are no longer allowed to do any activity within a radius of 3 kilometers from the summit and within 7 kilometers of the south-southeast sector, 6 kilometers of the southeast-east sector and 4 kilometers for north-east sector of Mount Sinabung.

The agency also warned locals to remain alert of possible lava eruption.

The agency spokesperson, Sutopo Purwo, said local government is still in progress of relocating 1,903 families. They previously moved 370 families to Siosar area.

There are still 1,050 families the government will relocate in the next phase.

However, the process is deterred by lack of land and people's hesitation to move.

“As the danger zone expands, more people need to be relocated,” Sutopo said. “But local government of Karo Regency is having trouble finding land for relocation.”

According to Sutopo, relocation areas provided by the local government only offer residential area but not farming land, making residents unwilling to move.



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