Some of these photos are disturbing. Others are inspiring.

Victoria Tunggono   20 July 2016 18:27 - 1. Turkish anti-riot police officers detain a Turkish soldier

Image via mirror


2. Turkish police arrest Turkish soldiers in Istanbul's Taksim Square.

(SEDAT SUNA / EPA) Image via NBC News


3. A civilian hits a soldier after troops involved in the coup surrendered on Istanbul's Bosphorus Bridge.

(MURAD SEZER / Reuters) Image via NBC News


4. A man uses his belt to hit Turkish soldiers involved in the coup attempt.

(Gokhan Tan / Getty Image) Image via NBC News


5. Soldiers

Image via CNN


6. Images circulating widely in mainstream Turkish media show Akin Ozturk, a four star general and former commander of the Turkish air force, in police custody in Ankara. In this image he has a white bandage over his right ear.

Image via CNN


Some of the 27 men accused by the Erdogan government of having led Friday's failed coup in Turkey. (Image via CNN)


7. Civilian women supporting the president.

Image via QZ


8. Clothes and weapons belonging to soldiers involved in the coup attempt are scattered on Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul.

Image via CNN


9. A Turkish police officer in Istanbul embraces a man on a tank in the wake of the violence overnight.

Image via CNN


10. People take to the streets near the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge during clashes with military forces in Istanbul.

Image via CNN


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