America might be first, but the rest of the world is fighting for second place.

Retno Wulandari   21 February 2017 17:10

It seems that United States President Donald Trump has been successful in keeping the world busy.

When he's not driving people to the streets to protest his policies, his statements bring internet users together, either to comment on his latest tweets or make fun of him.

The jargon of 'America First' has become one of The Donald's trademark. What started as a promise said during his inauguration speech, now has become a viral trend all over the world.

The Netherlands were the first to announce its bid to be the second should America want to be the first —in no particular subject. Within a month, other countries have jumped into the bandwagon and started a competition on who should go second.

Here are our favorites.

America First, The Netherlands Second

This is the first video that started it all. The video mentions Trump's idea of building wall to protect America from Mexico. While Trump is still planning, The Netherlands already has "a great wall to protect them from all the water from Mexico" because "nobody builds oceans better than they do”.

America First, Switzerland Second

The Swiss makes fun of their very own elite soldiers, slums and women and try to convince that “Switzerland is very safe” because they “have no Mexicans” there. The video also mentions that the country has a better rapper than Kanye (West) and “he is white.”

America First, Germany Second

The Germans say that the Dutch actually stole their ideas to send a video to the president of the Unites States. They try to convince Trump that Deutschland should be the second because they’re strong, they’re big and no one deserves the third chance but them —a jab to the country's two time involvement in the World Wars.

America First, Belgium Second

It seems like the Belgians are less ambitious compared to the Germans, but they do notice the president’s counselor Kellyanne Conway's term “alternative facts” and swear that ABBA band members are Belgians — they're not.

America First, Slovenia Second

The Slovenians try to convince Trump that their women are the best in the world, and he “should know” because he married one. They also say that they love their Lipizzaner horses because the horses are born black but turn white as they grow. And oh, don’t forget that the Slovenian also build walls, nay, fences, to keep immigrants out.

America First, Iran Second

Iran tries to convey that Trump might have mistakenly assumed Iran as Iraq. He might've been so unsure he decided to put both countries on the list for the immigration ban. Unlike any other countries, Iran does not try to be the second, as long as Trump put it before Iraq.



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