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Among the activities you can do at Erotikaland include a 3D theatre with vibrating chairs, a nudist pool, Kama sutra ghost train and many more.

Celia Tholozan   27 May 2016 15:35

Brilio.net - Theme parks are no longer the privilege of youth! In South America, the first theme park dedicated to sex will open its doors in 2018 in the town of Piracicaba near Sao Paulo and will be strictly for adults.

Brazil is currently going through a very intense social and political crisis, however the fact remains Brazilians still have one thing on their minds: parties, Carnival, hot bodies and seemingly easy morals. The opening of Erotikaland fits into all the clichés.

Build on a 150 000 km2 area fully dedicated to pleasure, all the attractions will be similar to the traditional ones except that they will be related to eroticism and sex! Among the activities you can do at Erotikaland include a 3D theatre with vibrating chairs, a very special ghost train that takes you from one position of Kama sutra to the other, a nudist pool and an erotic museum that details the history of sex over the ages.

Image via localsofbrazil.com

Business partners Mauro Morata and Paulo Meireilles were at the initiative of the park and explained that they will simply fill a gap in customer’s demand. Despite the name and the suggestive description (“a liberal park where you can do everything”), there’s no sex allowed in the park’s wall and all activities will remain “within the law and with strict control of safety” according to the website.

The idea is definitely entertaining and would peak anyone’s curiosity, however the building of such a park has drawn some criticism, especially in light of the recent situation. Of an approximate cost of $80 million of Real and in a country facing political instability and already very sensitive to the destruction of natural areas, the negative effects of the park could soon be soon in full throttle.



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