Nerves on edge as the opening ceremony draws closer.

Tunggul Kumoro   23 July 2016 08:01 - Police in Brazil have arrested 10 suspects in several states who are accused of plotting a terrorist action during the upcoming Olympics.

Brazil's Justice Ministry has told a news conference on Thursday that the suspects were thought to be planning an attack on the Games in Rio de Janeiro, which begin August 5. Authorities say they are not members of Islamic State (ISIS), but they had tried to make contact with the group.

The Justice Minister Alexandre de Moraes told the press that the group was not an organized cell. He described it as amateur and ill-prepared, adding that authorities are still investigating the suspect's computers and cell phones.

Moraes said the group had attempted to buy a weapon online, something he said no organized cell would ever do. They were detained across 10 different states and had been in contact via messaging services like Whatsapp.

All those arrested are Brazilian nationals. Police are searching for two more suspects.

The arrests led to an emergency meeting of the Brazilian cabinet to discuss bolstering security upcoming Olympics.

There has been plenty over Rio's readiness to hold the games due to building and preparation setbacks, the emergence of the Zika virus (which has led some athletes to withdraw) and an ongoing political crisis.

A terrorist only adds to a worrying milieu.




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