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He said businessman Hary Tanoesudibjo was sent to threaten him in 2008.

Petra Hapsari   14 February 2017 17:45

Former Corruption Eradication Commission Chairman Antasari Azhar started to speak to the public about the political game behind his case.

He went to the National Police’s Crime Unit’s (Bareskrim) temporary office at Fisheries Ministry building today to talk about alleged manipulation of his case.

Antasari has reported the allegation of case manipulation to National Police on Feb.1 and returned back today to give more information.

He finally said the name he thought to be the mastermind behind his arrest: Former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Antasari said that SBY sent businessman and chairman of Perindo party Hary Tanoesudibjo to his house in BSD area, South Tangerang in 2008.

“He came to my house at night. Who? It was Hary Tanoesudibjo. He was sent by Cikeas (where SBY lives) and asked me not to arrest Aulia Pohan. He told me that he was sent (to deliver the message),” Antasari said today.

Antasari added that Hary said that Antasari’s safety is at risk if he ignores the request.

“I told him that I’m ready to face the risk. It’s part of my job as a law enforcer,” he said.

“I told him that I can’t (do it). KPK has its own SOP (standard operational procedure). We have to arrest someone if he’s already named as suspect,” he said.

Aulia Pohan, a former deputy governor of Bank Indonesia and also SBY’s oldest son’s father in law, was then arrested and sentenced to 3 years in jail for a Rp 100 billion corruption case.

Not long after, Antasari was arrested for a murder case and sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment although he always maintains his claim of innocent. Antasari was released last month.

Antasari also asked SBY to come clean about the case.

“I want him to be honest. Tell everything and anything he did (with the case). (Tell) whom he ordered to criminalize Antasari and manipulate (his) case and who did it,” Antasari said.

“That’s all I reported to Bareskrim this morning. I ask SBY to be honest to all of us. I have experienced (what it is like to be in) prison for eight years."

Neither SBY and the Democratic Party has commented on the issue.


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