The post was shared more than 12,600 times.

Septika Shidqiyyah   18 December 2016 14:15 - A Facebook post of a student from SMA Negeri 1 Gambiran Banyuwangi, Afi Nihaya Faradisa went viral. It has been shared for more than 12,600 times.

What did she write about?

“I once turned off my phone for 10 days. During that time, I did not make any contact with outside world at all. Only by doing such thing, then you can observe what gadgets and internet has snatched [from us] all this time.

Just say that I am trapped in an absurd point of view. Just say that I have been doing wrong in facing advancement, but these are thing I have learned in 10 days. Have you yourself tried it before judging?

Through the 4-inch screen, I can see world without jurisdictions. But wise men said, “You are what you eat.” I recently have been knowing that it does not only apply to food for our stomach, but also “food for our mind.” What we have let go in to our mind, soul, and heart all these times determine who we are. Then have you ever questioned, what I have eaten all these times, do they have more toxic or nutrient? There is no doubt why we just stuck in a situation. This is the cause.”

Afi continued her writing while inviting netizens to make a reflection of the spreading of hoax news and ‘hostility’ which happens in this country.

“Look, the condition of our “source of mind” is getting more polluted. I am tired of explaining to people one by one about the negativity of spreading hoaxes and lies.

We also never run out of reason to hate one to another. Everything can be the ‘ammo’ [to hate other]. We are all humans, [but if we come from] different country [then there is] riot. We are all Indonesia, [but if we come from] different religion [then there will be] a riot. [Even when] We are all coming from the same religion, [but if we have] different point of view [then there will be also a] riot. Then what do [the people] really want?

Then, if it’s not God, then who else the one who created ALL of these differences? If He wants, He can just make all people ‘similar’ in all things. Then, why are we presumptuously against God by spitting on the differences?

I have never unfriended [those] who have different point of view. You and I, we can be friend though we disagree. Have you ever seen people who live peacefully in hostility? How can we hope there will be a flower growing in a volcanic crater? What God blesses is a relationship, not hostility. Unity in diversity.

What makes me wonder if when everything can be a debate. It’s like an annual social media rite, starting from Christmas greeting, Valentine celebration, and even the numbers of protestors!

[It’s as if] we feel superior because the other parties look worse. We feel happy for others’ putridity. How can God support such character?

In fact, this too shall pass. Everything will pass as the time goes by. 10 years from now, is the thing we are fighting for is more precious than our good relationship?

In fact, the word ‘enemy’ is just an illusion. A bulkhead we made ourselves. God doesn’t say that He is only close to the arteries of a person from religion ‘X’ and tribe ‘Y’. God is close to the arteries of all people. Have you forgotten it?

What makes it strange is, if [you are] not pro then you are wrong! Being con is wrong and neutral too. There is nothing [people] show more than just [their] childishness. Boycott to a giant company doesn’t affect the rich owners at all, but who you put in danger is the small sellers who are confused how to get money for living every day, [and] they don’t even know anything about the company’s policy.

There is a Chinese proverb we need to ponder. ‘Keeping grudge is like drinking poison but wish other person to die.’ Even Buddha said, ‘You are not punished BECAUSE OF your anger, [but] you are punished BY your anger.’

[How] If you can’t control your anger? KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! At least our anger won’t be the cause of others’ anger. ‘The one who keep silent, he is safe.’ (HR. Tirmidzi no. 2501)

And I know, there would be time to protect ourselves. There would be time to defend our self-comfort. But for me, there would also be time to achieve higher purpose. That’s why, I won’t go from here.”



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