A recommended day trip for you and your friends when visiting Jogja. You will experience something more than the typical tourist.

Nur Romdlon   04 November 2015 18:42

Brilio.net - There are countless numbers of tourism destinations offering beautiful scenery in Indonesia. However, not many locations also offer an educational experience.

If that interests you, visit Watu Lumbung, an educational village located in Parangtritis Hill, Kretek, Bantul, D.I. Yogyakarta.

Watu Lumbung was designed by M Boy Rifai to teach educational values. Boy Rifai transformed a barren land neglected for many years into an exotic place for enjoying the evening and watching the sunset and sunrise. Wow!

So, here are the educational values you can gain from Watu Lumbung:

1. Simplicity

Don’t imagine that Watu Lumbung is built with luxurious materials like other attractions. Instead, Watu Lumbung wants to reintroduce people to nature. Almost all buildings and furniture here use bamboo and other woods as basic materials. For example, this place uses a chicken cage as a table. Unique, right?

2. Valuing Nature

At Watu Lumbung, you will be asked to plant a tree, available onsite in a polybag. If you are willing to participate, your effort will be valued at Rp 2,500. This credit can be redeemed when ordering food and drink. The area has also become a bird conservation zone, so you will hear birdsong. Very peaceful and calming!

3. Autonomy and Respect

Here, everybody has the same standing whether they are rich or not. Watu Lumbung allows you the freedom to cook and wash your own dishes. If you want to help out, you will get an extra discount!

“So, don’t be surprised if you find some guests serving other guests” said Boy Rifai, the manager of Watu Lumbung education village while having a conversation with brilio.net/en, Wednesday (16/9).

According to Boy, if there are visitors who are reluctant to serve other visitors, he suggests they avoid Watu Lumbung as the rules encourage all to participate. All visitors are treated the same and have to respect each other.

4. Community Service

In Wedangan Café which is part of Watu Lumbung tourism village, you can exchange three books for a free set menu. These books will fill a library which can be accessed by local residents. By donating books, you are showing your compassion and tangible action to help Boy in establishing the library. It‘s a good feeling, isn’t it?

5. Honesty

In Nusantara Kitchen, you will not find any cashier. Based on the honor system, there is a basket to leave the money you owe. So, your honesty is tested here.

6. Gratefulness

Your visit would not be complete without giving thanks for God’s grace that has created the beautiful vistas before you. Seeing the wonderful scenery in this place inspires a sense of wonder and gratefulness.

Well, those are the six educational points of Watu Lumbung educational village. No wonder many artists and officials stay here for several months!

Does this sound like an interesting destination? Don’t forget to stop by Watu Lumbung in your travels to Jogja! Let’s support cool tourism places in Indonesia!


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