These are some easy hacks to turn a bedroom to that of a fairy-tale's princess standard.

Retno Wulandari   16 February 2016 17:00 - Whether you are a romantic daydreamer or a realistic parent that wants to make his/her little princess feel (and sleeps) like the Sleeping Beauty, these are some easy hacks to turn a bedroom to that of a fairytale’s princess standard. And what can be better than making something at a fraction of the cost of buying one?

1. Use a hula-hoop to attach a canopy and valance

Image: apartmenttheraphy 

All you need are a 24-inches diameter embroidery hoop or a hula-hoop, several meters of tulle (or a pair of vitrage), lace trims, sewing kits, a pair of scissors, a roll of ribbon or fishing line, a needle and a sewing machine and voila! You’ll be perfectly protected from curious eyes of the roommate.

2. Use white tulle and string lights through two smaller hoops for an instant magical feeling


While it might not provide the most ideal coverage, these dreamy bed curtains will give you instant romantic and magical feelings.

3. Take advantage of a curtain rod and a table cloth to make Marie Antoinette inspired canopy modern

Image: vintageromancestyle

Don’t tell anyone it’s a table cloth, especially your mother. All you need are 8-centimeters ribbon, a glue gun, a scissors, two curtain rods as wide as your bed, two table clothes 1.5 x 3 meters, a drill and two chandelier swag hooks.

4. Use plain or patterned tulle for an extra comfortable bed

Image: bhg

You can use white, plain, patterned or even pastel colored tulle to create this comforting bed curtain.

5. Adopt some copper pipes to subsitute curtain rods

Image: onekingslane

Copper pipes make your bed curtains look edgy and unique. All you need are four wooden dowels to be cut in half, twelve copper U-shape brackets, four copper elbows, four copper pressure tees, eight copper caps, eight premade vitrages (long enough to almost touch the floor when hung from the ceiling), a hand saw, a tube of super-glue, screws and anchors appropriate to your ceiling type.

6. Just use thumbtacks to create a stylish and effortless bedroom look


It's always better to ask partner’s forgiveness than permission. Start with some wooden dowels, some premade sheer fabrics, then thumb tacked them to the ceiling. Pretty easy.

7. Use string lights to make the bed worthy for a princess

Image: breakfastwithaudrey/ hellenblue

Many things in life will instantly turn into something “magical” with some string lights, and bed canopies are one of them.

8. For extra coverage, solid curtains will be a perfect solution

Image: thefujifiles

A classy bed for a classy person. You can choose any color and pattern to match your bedroom and create your signature curtains.

9. Ultilize a bare tree branch to create a rustic look

Image: remodelista

Nature’s elements would add spice into your dull bedroom. As alternative to a plain curtain, you might want to take flowery patterns for a shabby chic look.

10. Use a thick patterned fabric to make a canopy to substitute a headboard

Image: designsponge

Headboards can be boring. This is a perfect way to add some patterns to your bedroom. What you need are patternrd fabric that spans the width of bed and the length of the bed to the ceiling plus 1.5 meters, two adjustable curtain rods in appropriate wide, two ceiling-mounted curtain brackets, two wall-mounted curtain brackets, anchors and screws appropriate to your ceiling or wall type.

11. Make drapes out of a sheer fabric to add dimension to a small room

Image: iamthatlady

This unique curtain style will turn your bedroom into a serene sanctuary. You’ll need some sheer white curtain fabrics, curtain rods, and set of garden hooks.

12. Transform a wooden ladder and matching linen fabric for a rustic style

Image: chippingwithcharm

Rustic style rocks! Place an old wooden ladder in natural (or any) color with a draped linen over the ladder rungs and see the difference. (Bonus: you may change the plain linen with any other fabric/pattern everytime you like!)

13. Utilize patterned light blanket to create Arabian style

Image: markate

This effortless Arabian style curtain only cost you a patterned fabric/decorative blanket, a hammer and some nails!

14. Utilize the hoop (once again) to add a sheer canopy to the cot

Image: hip2thrit

The baby wants one, too! Just take a large embroidery hoop, sheer curtains or any fabric that strikes your fancy, one ceiling screw hook and a roll of ribbon. Your little one will love the canopy!

Source: Buzzfeed


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