More reasons to book your ticket as soon as possible.

  11 February 2017 14:47

Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival 2017 will be held in JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta next month.

This will be the 13th event of Java Jazz Festival.

As usual, there will be numerous performaces from international and local musicians you don't want to miss.

But wait! We have other three reasons why you should watch Java Jazz Festival 2017. 

1. Special Project

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It has been an annual tradition since the first Java Jazz in 2005. The festival has become a place for international and national musicians to collaborate on one stage. This year, you can see Sergio Mendes and Dira Sugandi give their all on stage.

2. The chance to binge-watch music performances

There are more than 150 stages with different artists. That, you might have already know. But do you know that there will be no more 'special shows'? You can now watch every show without having to buy additional tickets!

3. Cool promo

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As if there are not enough reasons for you to book your ticket now, there is a Buy 1 Get 2 deal from the festival's main sponsor, BNI. Holders of Tapcash, BNI credit and debit card holder can buy maximum 4 tickets each —which means they will get 8 tickets. There is a limited quota for the deal, though. 

But even if you don't make it to the Buy 1 Get 2 deak, you can still get 25% off the original ticket price using BNI Syariah debit card, BNI Corporate and iB Hasanah credit card holders.

So, what are you waiting for?


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