The fourth edition of this fest takes place in 6 venues across 9 days this month.

Victoria Tunggono   15 August 2016 06:24 - The fourth edition of the Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, known as Arkipel, starts on Thursday, August 18.

It will run for nine days at six locations in Jakarta: GoetheHaus, kineforum, Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Erasmus Huis, @America and Cinema XXI at Taman Ismail Marzuki. 

Arkipel, whose name comes from ‘archipelago', was started by the social and cultural development nonprofit Forum Lenteng as a way for people to reflect on global phenomena in society, politics, economics and culture through cinema.

The festival shared Lenteng's mission to create media and cultural knowledge that can better people's lives and spread wider knowledge.  

Hafiz Rancajale, Arkipel's artistic director, says the idea behind the festival is to have a way to voice cultural problems and a forum to showcase filmmaking accomplishments across the genre.

There were more than 1,500 submissions for this year's festival in the January-April period that organizers received them. Curators then whittled that down to 31. They include both national and international films, classic and contemporary, in 10 curated categories.


The big theme at Arkipel this year is social-kapital. It is meant to reflect the clash between what are “big” currents of thought and “reality”.

There are five discussion panels that will discuss the latest issues in national films: “Criticism in Cinema: Asian Cinema and its latest Social-Politics”; “Community in Cinema Knowledge Development: Reading the Community Cinema Language”; “Documentary and Experimental: The Current World Cinema Development”; “Criticism in Cinema: The Development of Cinema Language in Asia”; and “Community and Cinema Knowledge Development: The Role of Community in Cinema Development.”

Asian Young Curators will present their work: Flor Chantal Eco from Philippines, Nischal Oli from Nepal and Zimu Zhang from China. While the Keynote Speech, Ruth Noack’s thesis Once Again--Agency in Cinema will be presented on the forum's opening day at GoetheHaus.

Arkipel will also introduce the new program Candrawala, which focuses only in Indonesia’s cinema: “Local Landscape of Now”. It will be screening five Indonesian films curated by Manshur Zikri, based on the latest visual phenomena of Indonesian local context motion pictures.

The official opening night will go ahead after the forums are completed on August 19 at 7 p.m. at GoetheHaus. It will feature a screening of Zone Zero by Farzad Moloudi from Belgium, and a secret special music performance.

The closing ceremony and awards night will be held at the same venue on August 26 at 7 p.m. and will feature a performance from the music group Jirapah.

You can check the complete schedule and other details of film screenings at



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