Remember the superheroes of your childhood? Just try to spot the differences between them and the new ones!

Retno Wulandari   18 June 2016 13:59 - Things changed from time to time. Just look at our transformation in tech, trends, and behaviours in the last few decades, it'll blow your mind! All grown-ups today surely have their childhood heroes, but whether they realize it or not, their original superheroes also have adapted in order to make room for brand new childhood heroes for today's children. Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman, Wonder Woman... they've all changed.

Using your imagination and memories, just try to spot the differences between your original superheroes and the new ones. If you have any problem doing that, we’re here to help. Here’s the list of the evolution of some superheroes and see if you still recognize them:

1. Exo-Man 1977 vs Iron Man 2008


2. Thor 1978 vs 2011


3. Hulk 1978 vs 2012


4. Catwoman 1966 vs 2012


5. Batman 1943 vs 2016


6. Spider-Man 1977 vs 2014


7. Wonder Woman 1975 vs 2017


8. Superman 1948 vs 2016


9. Wolverine 2000 vs 2016


10. Captain America 1990 vs 2016


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