Plus a bit of durian skin to add to the pain.

Ismarlina Mokodompit   10 November 2016 17:31 - A video of a Chinese wife punishing her husband for cheating with another woman went viral.

After discovering his husband was having an affair on the popular chat app, WeChat, the woman made his husband wear a pink bra and stuck a sanitary pad on his forehad. The man cried in the video asking for forgiveness, although we can't be too sure if he was crying because he's sorry or if it was the durian skin his wife was making him kneel on.

According to Dailymail, the husband subsequetnly admitted his mistake and claims he understands he was not supposed to send his "private" picture to nor sweet talk another woman online.

Here is the video shared by Ziu Huo Huo Ge:



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