And might just bring them to tears...

Andry Trysandy Mahany   09 November 2016 12:19 - How to make sure a courier delivers an item in one piece? This online merchant may have some idea. A photo of a package recently went viral, thanks to this set of creative and specific instructions for the courier. 

"The courier must be holding the package tightly in tears," said Taufik Maulana who posted the photo.

via Facebook/Taufik Maulana Nurhidayat

This is what the sign says:

Baaaang... Your destination is miles away, always put me on the top. Do not reverse my position, and especially don't put heavy items on top of me. Do undertand that the burden of life is hard enough to bear.

Don't throw me out and don't dump me. Don't let me be trampled, because I'm fragile and weak. My heart would be shattered if you were to treat me harshly.

Always protect me, like you protect your secret affair away from me





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