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Just in case you're wondering how to be an instant Instagram celebrity or dangdut sensation.

Tunggul Kumoro   23 March 2017 12:00

The starter pack jokes have overtaken the internet lately. You know, the ones that involve photos of things you need to be a particular kind of person. And of course there's an Indonesian version of it too! The gags are mocking a certain group, trend or personal identity.

Retrieved from Instagram/@nganu666, here are some of them to cheer up your day.

1. 'Rapper YoungLex's 'Makan bang'' freestyle starter pack, just in case you aspire to be a Youtube sensation.

2. 'Multiple teenagers riding one motorbike at the same time' starter pack.

3. 'How to be a Kuntilanak in Suzanna's movie' starter pack.

4. 'Girls on period' starter pack: all the things you need to survive this month's shark week.

5. 'My father didn't acknowledge me so I reported him' starter pack for you who follow Lambe Turah religiously.

6. 'Beniqno Aquino' starter pack for those who want to be a local version of Enrique Iglesias.

7. 'Jason from 'Inikah Rasanya' soap opera' starter pack for boys who cannot move on from the early 2000s.

8. 'Aurel Hermansyah' starter pack for girls who want to be in the spotlight.

9. 'Watching dangdut concert' starter pack that might be useful for your weekend plan.

10. 'Awkarin' starter pack you can copy in case being an Instagram celebrity is one of your #lifegoals.

11. 'Domestic Coachella' starter pack because not everyone can afford to buy plane tickets to the States, right?




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