Behind all great photos, there are great photographers

Ismarlina Mokodompit   03 August 2016 13:45 - All photographers want to get the most interesting shots and the best angle especially when it comes to couples getting ready for their special day. No one is more demanding of the perfect shot than a bride and groom!

But, they can put themselves through hell to get that perfect photo.

In Asia, pre-wedding photoshoots are a big deal, and every effort goes into getting them right.

1. “Hold me back!”


2. They make their own weather


3. You never know which way the wind might blow


4. Guess they couldn’t find a ladder...


5. ...why bother when you have a sturdy colleague?


6. What’s he doing down there?!


7. An inch either way...


8. That’s improvisation!


9. One with nature


10. These guys are posing more than the couple



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