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As the year begins, why don’t you adopt these simple 3 new habits that will improve your emotional health and well-being?

Nadia Bintoro   16 February 2016 18:00

Brilio.net - New Year is always a great time to adopt new positive habits. In the quest of becoming the better version of yourself; many people are still focus on physical and material well-being. But have you ever thought about improving your emotional health as well?

As the very software that runs us, our mind & soul play crucial roles in creating a wholesome happiness and life satisfaction. So as the year begins, why don’t you adopt these simple 3 new habits that will improve your emotional health and well-being?

  1. Daily meditation

Meditation, as scary and as hippy at it sounds, is actually only about the act of regulating your breath.

We all know the basic theory. Our breath is the mirror of our inner emotional state. When we are in fear, nervous, or angry, our breath quickens and our heart pumps at double the normal rate. Everything seems to be running faster and there is no time to think, which leads to many regretful emotional outbursts.

So to get calmer and “happier” in 2016, there is only one clear answer: regulate your breath through meditation.

If you are not confident yet to observe and regulate your breath by yourself, there are many guided meditation videos available in Youtube, in which an instructor will lead you into basic meditation for health.

Want to try? Check this one:

  1. Mindful physical exercise with Yoga

To support your meditation, what can be more fitting than Yoga as the element of physical exercise? Not only will you get that toned body like the famous yogi Miranda Kerr, you will also be able to center your thoughts through its breathing exercises. 

An ancient practice, Yoga goes beyond stretching and strengthening the body. It’s not about doing all those crazy acrobatic moves, but rather getting to know your own body and all your own strength and limitations.

There are many fitness center that offer Yoga classes, so you won’t be short of choice. But if you prefer to do it at the privacy of your home, this Yoga video by Tara Stiles, a celebrity Yoga instructor will help you just fine:

  1. One helping App

For every problem in the world, there is an app for that! 

With the emergence of the trend in meditation, several mobile apps have been created to make these routines more practical and integrated into our day-to-day busy life.

One of them is Headspace – a hipster app for meditation. This trendy app has a strong following in amongst the young and hip demographic, with celebrity fans lined up from Emma Watson to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Image: coolprogeny.com

The app is free to download which will give you a “Take Ten” – free ten days meditation package that will help you ease into this daily practice of meditation. And once you are finished with this free session, a yearly subscription package is available for more intensive meditation practice.

The app is available to download in iOs and Android. More info: www.headspace.com


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