Common assumption says that if you strong enough to take what life hands you, good or bad, you’ll have no reason to cry. Is that right?

Retno Wulandari   16 May 2016 18:11 - Our culture is obsessed with good appearance and strength, and that explains why we often discredit those who cry a lot as weak, emotional and chaotic. They are often stereotyped as overly emotional and erratic. Common assumption says that if you strong enough to take what life hands you, good or bad, you’ll have no reason to cry. Is that right?

Wrong. Okay, that may be true for some but, in reality, people who cry a lot tend to have it all together in many ways. This is why, as featured on Lifehack:

1. Frequent criers are healthier

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Stuffing down emotions can be more destructive than you let on. But we often celebrate those who can ‘keep everything under control’ in most of the stressful times. In fact, unchecked stress is unhealthy and leads to a load of health issues such as an increased risk for heart attack, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

According to Dr. William H. Frey, crying alleviates stress both for the mind and the body. Crying, in fact, lowers cholesterol levels and decreases a chemical that can lead to anxiety. To support the theory, researchers from the University of Southern Florida suggest that crying is a way to restore us physiologically and psychologically. So, when you’re stuck in a hard day, stuffed with wicked emotions, get yourself a restroom and let it pour out!

2. They are happier

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Crying frequently doesn’t make someone the saddest people on Earth. On the contrary, crying is an instant mood booster. In Dr. Frey’s research, 88% of participants found that they had an improved mood after shedding tears. Crying provides a flood of emotional relief to get rid of sadness. After flooding gallons of tears, you’ll suddenly feel far better and be able to see the bright sunshine of tomorrow.

3. Crying a lot makes them braver

Image via chobirdokan

Is vulnerability a weakness or strength? The answer is the latter. But there’s no denying that it’s a challenge, as it takes a bushel of bravery to allow your emotions to be exposed in front of other people.

Even though sometimes it’s needed to show our emotions to someone else, most of us aren’t willing to be vulnerable. Because crying in front of them means you’re inviting them into their hearts, but it also comes with many risks: being judged, misunderstood or belittled. So, when they are seen crying, they’re actually taking the risk.

4. They can communicate better

Image via wisegeek

Through tears, people who cry a lot offer honest and meaningful pictures of their hearts, and they’re express themselves this way. This only enhances their ability to communicate in other ways.

5. They have better relationships

Image via Romantize

Crying is vulnerability as its finest, which connects people on a deeper level. Though it’s a risk to leave your heart wide open to other people (in this case, your friends, family and significant other), it can bring great reward. When you allow people (who are trustworthy and true) to witness your tears, you will make deeper and more meaningful relationships.

6. They are more honest

Image via flickr

Tears are authentic, and they roll down people’s face because of certain feelings that are true. Not only brave, crying is also an honest reflection of the heart. People who cry a lot are frequently facing their own reality and admit the state of their soul. It leads them to a more honest life.

7. They have better understanding of themselves

Image via kirstyriceonline

Crying provides self-awareness, and those who cry a lot often have managed to develop a strong awareness, a state that is achieved through time and practice. They seek to understand their own emotions, most of the time by dwelling on the inner-side of their minds and hearts. It explains why people who don’t let loose and hold their tears too often have hard times to explain or understand their emotions.

8. They experience life more fully

Image via shutterstock

Sad or happy tears will reveal emotions that add colours into life. As we know, life is full of ups and downs, and we can’t make it through without experiencing happiness and suffering, which go hand in hand. People who cry more often enhance their overall quality of life by embracing it for what it is.

To wrap it up, no matter your gender, personality type or circumstances in life, it is easy to see the benefits of a good cry. You will get a healthy and strong mind, as long as you don’t let the tears turn into exaggerated drama.



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