A small library at the foot of Mount Sinabung is becoming a reading heaven for local kids.

  07 December 2016 13:45

Brilio.net - The lack of available education facility around the areas affected by the erruptions of Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra inspired Yesi Chairani to start a small library in 2015 as a place for local children to get together and learn. 

Called Rumah Baca Cakrawala Apepebe, the space is located in Perbaji, Tiganderket, within the Karo region of North Sumatra, and is set within the red zone at the foot of the active volcano. 

"At first, children didn't want to come here as they thought it would be better to help their parents out on the fields," Yesi said. "But after we promoted [the program] to the parents, they started allowing their children to come."

Kids reading at Rumah Baca.

Though the space is relatively modest, it has continued to receive visitors daily to enjoy reading books, which Yesi received from donations. 

“[I am] so glad that we have a reading house in our village. Not just that, they also often hold activities for us, young victims of the eruptions of Mount Sinabung," says Natalia, one of the children hosted at Rumah Baca.

To complete the space, Yesi has equipped it with tables, bookshelves and chairs for kids to comfortably enjoy reading.

“What's next is this reading space will be given to the villagers, as this facility was built for them to independently grown the village, especially nit he field of education, " Yesi said.


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