The right of the book about the last days of pop singer Michael Jackson have been bought by the director and producer JJ Abrams.

Celia Tholozan   29 June 2016 09:12 - Bad robots” is the production society of JJ Abrams, renowned among others for famous TV shows such as Lost, Alias but also the latest Star Wars movie, “The force awakens”, “Star Trek the movie”, “Super 8”, etc.

On June 25th, it will be the anniversary of the death of the famous artist. On this occasion, American writer and businessman Travis Smiley will release his latest book. Entitled “before you judge me: the triumph and tragedy of Michael Jackson last days”. The book is an insight of what the singer could have been thinking during his last days on Earth. Purely fiction, the text has been imagined by the author but is still loosely based on historical facts, testimonies and research work about Michael Jackson’s personality and way of life.  

The society Bad robots announced that it bought the right of the book and intends to make a short TV show (mini-series) about it. In association with the Warner Bros studios, Bad Robots only needs to find a buyer (a TV channel or the currently very popular company Netflix) to start the project.

A very interesting business idea for the group: it has been officially enquired that Michael Jackson is actually more bankable dead than alive… Just last year, he generated more than $100 million dollars over the world.

And the project might stay in the spotlight for a while still: a few years ago, Bad robots also acquired the right about another book from the same author. “Death of a king: the real story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s final year” was also supposed to become a short TV show, but nothing has started yet.



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