The two leaders were seen warming up to one another during Soekarno's visit to Cuba.

Sabar Artiyono   28 November 2016 17:45 - Cuban politician and revolutionary Fidel Castro died at the age of 90 on Saturday. The controversial figure ruled Cuba for five nearly five decades up until 1976 and has managed to evade numerous assasination attempts by the United States government throughout. 

In Indonesia, however, Castro is known for his warm relationship with former President Soekarno, as can be seen in these photos taken during the latter's visit to Cuba in 1960, where Castro personally went to greet Soekarno at the airport. 

1. Welcoming President Soekarno

2. Cubans were enthusiastic to greet Soekarno

3. During a dinner banquet

4. Soekarno handing Castro a kris as a gift

5. The convoy in Havana

6. Signing bilateral documents

7. Castro and Soekarno engaging in a discussion

8. Swapping hats


9. Castro, Soekarno, and Che Guevara


10. Soekarno was a mentor to Castro




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