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The Real Madrid player has successfully announced the launch of his first hotel in Madeira, Portugal

Sahil Nathani   05 August 2016 13:47 - Cristiano Ronaldo is a global sports icon. Over the years, he has grabbed headlines over and over for his spectacular achievements on the football pitch and is idolized by millions.

This time around, Cristiano Ronaldo has made the news for a totally different reason.  The 33-year old has announced the launch of his new hotel at his hometown in Madeira, Portugal.

Ronaldo decided to name his hotel Pestana CR7. Pestana means eyelash in Portugese, while CR7 is based on his initials and jersey number. As you’d expect from the highest-paid athlete in the world, his hotel does not fall short on quality.

Its design includes in-built private elevators guests can control from their phones via a mobile app to get to and from their rooms. Nightly rates start from $240. Its other facilities include an infinity pool, jacuzzi, open gym and sauna to ensure its visitors feel the sporty ambience.

Cristiano Ronaldo has his motto “To be the best, you need the best” clearly showcased in the hotel’s comfortable lounge. Well, that sums it all up.

He’s already got his expansion plans underway too. If you’re in Lisbon, Madrid or New York, hang in there because Pestana CR7 will be coming soon!



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