It’s not only the Croatian makeup artist’s skills that did the magic, but also the heartening bond between of the granddaughter and grandmother.

Retno Wulandari   12 May 2016 13:39 - Being an overnight internet sensation never crossed this 80-year-old grandma’s mind when asking her granddaughter for a makeover, but that is what unexpectedly happened!

Tea Flego’s superb makeup skills have managed to amaze us when she magically took 20 years off her grandmother. But it’s not only the Croatian makeup artist’s contouring skills that did the magic, but also the heartwarming bond of the granddaughter and grandmother.

Now as internet celebrity dubbed Glam-Ma, Livia is enjoying the attention and her refreshed new look, proving to us that being old isn’t a hindrance to look gorgeous and elegant.

1. Grandma takes internet by storm

Image via boredpanda

2. The granddaughter challenges her contouring skill

Image via boredpanda

3. “I love my granny Livia,” says Croatian makeup artist Tea Flego

Image via boredpanda

4. For those who still don’t understand what ‘glam-ma’ is...

Image via etsy

5. The bond between grandma and her granddaughter

Image via thesun

6. Glam-ma is enjoying her popularity

Image via boredpanda

7. It’s all about contouring

Image via thesun

8. Grandma’s enjoying her time

Image via mopo24

9. In return, she help her granddaughter to get more followers

Image via boredpanda



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