With DWP 2016 fast approaching, here are some tips on what to wear.

  05 December 2016 16:38

Brilio.net - Everyone wants to be well dressed for the occasion — and, let's be real, also for all those Instagram #ootds — especially when it comes to music festivals. And we bet you're already hard pressed thinking of the perfect outfit to wear to the upcoming Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) taking place this weekend. 


via Instagram/@djakartawarehouseproject

According to Sarah Deshita, assistant manager of IsmayaLive, the festival's organizer, comfort should always be prioritized when picking out items to lats an entire night of dancing. 

"Looking at Jakarta's weather in recent days, it's pretty likely it would rain, so do wear a comfortable outfit [that fits the weather]," she said. 

It's also important to note that the event will be taking place outdoors, so it would be a good idea to bring along a raincoat or any water-resistant outerwear. 

via Instagram/@djakartawarehouseproject

As for footwear, Deshita suggested those planning to attend DWP to avoid putting on heels and opt, instead, for sneakers.

“It's a festival, so don't wear heels," she warned. "Because even though it may not be muddy, walking from one stage to another will be quite far. Don't risk falling or getting into anything bad, it's better to wear the most comfortable outfit," she added.

No harm in giving those stilettos a rest!


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