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Victoria Tunggono   20 October 2016 16:42

The Internet is the modern-day road to fame. Going viral is akin to getting cast in a major Hollywood movie.

For videos, Youtube fame is like no other kind of celebrity.

We take a look at Indonesian content creators who have legions of fans and churn out great content worth watching, showing off personalities and topics their users can relate to.  

1. Aulion Wirizqi


Born with name Aulia Risza Wirizqi on May 3, 1994, the 22-year-old is setting his Youtube channel to be home for his stop motion videos and naming his fans as ‘aulionism’. He is also founder of Indovidgram. Check AULIONfilms here.


2. Laurentius Rando


CEO of Jakarta Beatbox and Sekolah Beat Box, Rando claims himself to be Indonesia’s Finest Beatbox Artist. He captures his hobbies both in music and travel on screen and enjoys making videos so much. His alias name is Gazelle Cross and you can watch him here.


3. Clara Devi


Being a creative and fashionable person, Claradevi Handriatmadja is the entrepreneur behind fashion brand Bonvieux. She came from Yogyakarta and is now staying in Jakarta to full-time blogging at Lucedale and vlogging here.


4. Bayu Skak

Bayu Eko Moektito had started his online videos in 2012. The 21-year-old Javanese guy serves funny videos with thick Javanese accent every Saturday on his channel. He also has another channel centering his daily life here.


5. Last Day Production (LDP)

This group of both genders is serving short scenarios and films to highlight daily problems of today’s Jakarta life. The funny scenes are closely related to most of young Indonesians, which makes them worth watching. Watch them here.


6. Ernest Prakasa

Starting his career as stand-up comic, the smart, witty Chinese descendant has a vlog he named Sikovlog. In Sundanese it is a slang meaning ‘the fool’. But he says it’s the abbreviation from Si Kokoh Ngevlog (the Chinese brother vlogging).


7. Fathia Izzati

Famous for her ability to imitate 21 of English accents, this young lady is said to be one of the best vlogger in Indonesia. She sings, plays guitar and ukulele as well. Served in English, watch her videos here.


8. Kevin Anggara

Another creative person, Anggara is currently studying, writing books and making illustration in his spare time. The 19-year-old guy puts all of his daily life and creations on blog and vlog. Watch here.


9. Skinny Indonesian 24

Two brothers Jovial (Ka Jo) and Andovi da Lopez decided to make fun vlogs of daily things they encounter as young people, which also led them to get roles in film industry and plan to go international. You can watch them here.


10. Agung Hapsah

Hapsah is a filmmaker and photographer, who enjoys vlogging so much that he both directs and acts in his videos. The witty 17-year-old separates his Indonesian and English vlogs to maintain his different audiences (Brilio-style!).



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