We love you, Chelsea!

Irwan Khoiruddin   30 August 2016 16:54

Brilio.net - Indonesia’s movie industry is growing and churning out a whole heap of stars. 

Chelsea Islan is just one. The beautiful actress was born in Washington, D.C on June 2, 1995 and has become something of an idol in her home country.

This is her through the years. 

1. In 1998, when she was just a toddler.

2. Celebrating Halloween.

3. Whose shoes she’s wearing?

4. Merry Christmas!

5. Back in 2005.

6. She has been a model since she was a child.

7. Her trademark smile.

8. Posing with veteran model Nadya Hutagalung.

9. All grown up.

10. That smile...

11. ...captured Indonesian hearts. 

12. She looks good even in simple style...

13. ...and in glasses...

14. ...or a kebaya.

15. We love you, Chelsea! 




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