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Tunggul Kumoro   10 November 2016 12:00

Brilio.net - News channels may have their data analysts and hosts predicting the winner of the US presidential election earlier this week, but if that sounds a little too old school to you, here are some animals that made their own picks. 

1. Yunona the Russian tiger

via Ilya Naymushin/REUTERS 

From her home at the Royev Ruchey zoo in Krasnoyarsk, our tigress prefered a pumpkin carved with the image of Hillary Clinton.

2. Political parrot pair

via youtube.com

These two birdies concluded that Hillary Clinton would be the next US president.

3. Arkansas pigs

via youtube.com

The 'red' Arkansas had Donald Trump as the winner of the swine race at the Scott Pumpkin Patch.

4. Mystic Mabel the dog

via youtube.com

The pooch decided to take a ball with a picture of Hillary on it.

5. Geda the monkey


Geda the monkey from Changsha, China, kissed an image of Donald Trump, picking him as the next US president.

6. Felix the polar bear

via Ilya Naymushin/REUTERS

Another Royev Ruchey Zoo resident, Felix the polar bear, foretold Trump's win by picking pumpkin-filled fish.

7. Chanakya the floran fish


The fish swimmed to a portrait of Donald Trump.

8. Boo the monkey

via Youtube.com

After going over presidential debates, Boo has come to a decision to pick Donald Trump.

9. Cass the cat

via Youtube.com

The cat doesn't give a single sh*t over the two candidates, and went with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.


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