What happens when zoos lack proper facilities

Fadila Adelin   29 September 2016 15:05

Brilio.net - While trips to the zoo are typically expected to be both refreshing, delightful, and educational, the lack of animal care facilities in a number of venues around the world often have a harrowing impact on the animals. Find out what happens in such conditions in the pictures below.

1. An underfed tiger

Image via liveexportshame.com


2. A deer in a zoo in Karachi

Image via tribune.com.pk


3. A Sumatran elephant in a Bandung zoo

Image via merdeka.com


4. Our heart breaks for this camel

Image via animals.org


5. Another camel, all bones and skin

Image via dailymail.co.uk


6. Animals in Gaza

Image via dailymail.co.uk


7. Polar bear suffering from hot weather

Image via iepe.org


8. In a too narrow cage

Image via peta.org


9. Living with his dead buddy

Image via cnn.com


10. A lion in Yaman

Image via newsweekme.com




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