You don’t have to kiss and tell, this video will do it for you!

Ivana Lucic   16 June 2016 10:59 - Ah, the birds and the bees. Bow-chick-a-wow-wow.

While you’ve surely had that awkward talk with your parents, you might not get the chance to compare your life between the sheets with your peers. And admit it, you’re a little curious.

Everyone blossoms into adulthood at a different age, and that’s alright. But there is an average age for such coming-of-age behaviour and it’s actually pretty fun to read up on, if only for your own entertainment. This 2:00 video clip by The Scene has compiled the best (and most random) sex facts for our enjoyment. It’s surprisingly sweet and funny to see blow up sex dolls recreating some of our most intimate moment and it makes this taboo subject even funnier.

So, how do you stack up?



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