Best time of the year to be in town.

  13 December 2017 11:09

It’s almost three weeks in the Ramadan, and while you might be busy spending every afternoon breaking your fast with friends and family, you might also start to plan what to do for your Idul Fitri holiday. But not everyone can go ‘mudik’, some have to stay in Jakarta. But staying in Jakarta during the end of Ramadan and Idul Fitri season has its own perks. Don’t believe us? Here are five wonderful things about Ramadan and Idul Fitri in Jakarta!

1. Tourism is still open!

Ramadan or not, Jakarta operates as usual, including its tourism spots. You can opt for Ancol, the newly opened NeoSoho Aquarium to the Kalijodo skatepark: they’re all open for your Ngabuburit. 

Or if you like to spend Ramadan get closer to God, you can go on a religious historical trail, from the Chinese Mosque in the Old Town area in West Jakarta, Sunda Kelapa Mosque in Central Jakarta, or learn more about the holy book at the Al-Quran Museum in Taman Mini.

Some places are less crowded than usual during this season. And it’s even better if you have a small family! You don’t have to deal with queues, giving you more quality time together to have fun.

2. Sale, sale, sale!

Summer sale, Idul Fitri sale, you name it. 'Tis the season to splurge and save! © 2017 Shutterstock


Jakarta with its more than 100 malls is a perfect place for shopaholics — or anyone wanting to dress well for Idul Fitri. This year’s Ramadan coincides with the annual Jakarta Great Sale, meaning that there are a LOT of sales going on, both online and offline. 

3. No shortage of options on where/what to break your fast with.

You can stay at home, cooking your favorite dishes or having them delivered by online ojek messengers. Or, you can choose one from the many choices Jakarta has — from street food to hotel buffet, Jakarta has it all. You can opt for the 20k Nasi Goreng or the awesome buffet at Kristal Hotel. And as you still have many days to break your fast (plus the Idul Fitri bonus is coming), you can have them all.

4. Having the city to yourself.

Bye bye, traffic jam! © 2017 Shutterstock


During the final days of Ramadan, Jakarta is practically empty as most residents go back to their hometowns. Commuting is so much easier and faster, the life pace is slower as everyone is on holiday mood, it’s all perfect. You’ll have more time to spend with your loved ones and to do religious activities. 

You can enjoy Jakarta like never before, you can even enjoy the view from city center —something you usually dread during usual weekdays. You can wander with your family to places you can only see from your car during regular days. Your kids or little siblings would love it! You’d love it as well! We mean, now you can take pictures at Hotel Indonesia Roundabouts and Monas without the usual crowd!

5. Staycation!

Waking up to fresh meal for breakfast? No making up your own bed in the morning? Who doesn't love staycation? © 2017 Shutterstock

While the empty Jakarta might give you a temporary bliss, there comes another problem: most domestic workers usually go back home too. But no need to worry!

Jakarta has plenty options of hotels for staycation. Have a mini vacation in your own town, but with the comfort of a vacation. Many hotels offer special rates and activities during this season. Hotel Kristal in Cilandak, for example, has ___ package that consists of ____.

And if you’re in town for a visit during the school holiday with the little ones, there’s no better time to enjoy Jakarta than this Idul Fitri season! 


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