There is more to the province than just unlimited options of great food.

  04 July 2017 10:45

What do you have in mind when you hear the word 'West Sumatra'?

We bet it's either rendang, sate padang, gulai ayam or basically anything that has to do with food.

Yes, West Sumatra is a culinary heaven where every dish will make your tummy happy. But, the province is not all about food. There is more to see and experience that would make your holiday there more than just a never-ending trail to fill your stomach.

We went there during the Idul Fitri holiday to get you these pictures so you'd believe us. So, here are the fascinating things you can see, do and experience in West Sumatra.

1. See the Minangkabau culture, learn about their customs and take pictures of their stunning clothes.

Rumah Gadang, a traditional house of West Sumatra. © 2017 Buckle


Alive with tradition and culture, this small corner of the world has fascinating stories to match their traditional attire.

Home to the world’s largest matrilineal society, the Minang people intrigue anthropologists with their unique and complex social structure. With Muslims as the majority, their daily life amalgamates Islam with their strong matriarchal beliefs.

2. Take a sip of Teh Talua

A cup of Teh Talua served in a local warung. © 2017 Buckle

Teh Talua is made of bitter black tea poured over whipped egg yolk and sugar.

Unlike anything similar, Teh Talua is a distinctive experience. Using either chicken or duck egg to create a custardy flavored cappuccino-like froth on your tea, this drink unites locals. Often paired with a game of cards or late-night conversation, get yourself to a warung and try one for yourself.

3. See the breathtaking scenery you can't see in big cities

© 2017 Buckle

Lush rolling hills, tea plantations and smiling faces aside, the scenery of West Sumatra is known for its intense ruggedness.

Well worth the flight to Padang and windy drive through the mountains, the region is home to the highest active volcano in Southeast Asia, Mount Kerinci.

4. Eat Rendang in its hometown

Rendang in the making in a restaurant in West Sumatra.
© 2017 Buckle

The roots of Rendang can be found in West Sumatra. Do we have to say much more?

Rich in taste and texture, get your Rendang fix in the very place it was created. The method of cooking Rendang differs in each village and household, but typically it involves a long process that requires patience and skill.

5. Appreciate the mighty authentic Rumah Gadang

© 2017 Buckle

Scattered across the landscape and throughout West Sumatran villages are Rumah Gadang- traditional homes of the Minangkabau.

Each part of the house- its architecture, construction, function and decoration reflect the strong values and culture of the people. In Minangkabau society, these houses are owned by the women of the family and serve as a living room in addition to a hall for family meetings and ceremonial activities.

Just a two minute drive down the village streets will see you spot numerous Rumah Gadang, some old and frail, some new and intricately decorated. These symbols of Minang culture are a treasured link to the past.



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