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Read on as these three people share what are probably the creepiest moments of their lives.

Retno Wulandari   28 November 2016 19:00

The Whispering Wind

Illustration of an old house (Photo via Lisanne Harris)

It happened during my college years when my friends and I lived in a boarding house together. The four-storey house was so big with its dark, long aisles in between the rooms. Those who lived there, including myself, had experienced many unexplainable, creepy things, and as the time went by, we started getting used to it. 

Amongst those bone-chilling moments, there is one I’ll always remember. That was an ordinary night, about 10.00 p.m. I sat alone on a long bench on the outside, where I and some of my friends used to gather for some chit-chat and fresh air. I can see some of the occupants were busy with their activities in their rooms, with windows and doors open. But that time, I was sitting alone.

Not long after, a friend joined me. He sat there about to lit a cigarette. But then, out of nowhere, a strong, very cold wind blew from behind us, and brought a strange, eerie murmur that sounded something like "Whhoooyy!" It was so clear and it came and went really fast, but we couldn't spot anyone near us that would've been around to do such a thing. We were startled, staring cluelessly at each other. My friend said "did you hear that?" and then without a word we ran back into our rooms.”

(Rae, Account Executive at Brilio).


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