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Read on as these three people share what are probably the creepiest moments of their lives.

Retno Wulandari   28 November 2016 19:00

Message From The Graveyard

Illustration of pocong (Image via juragandavin)

I have experienced many scary things, but I can’t forget this particular one. It happened about four years ago when I was living with my parents at our family’s home. The house is, well, kind of creepy; at least for outsiders. We have a big front yard stuffed with shady trees and shrubs, and it’s quite dark outside. It’s an old house, and I was already accustomed to strange things, such as sleep paralysis and all. I could even tell when sleep paralysis is about to attack. But what happened that night is different. It was very intense and the horrible experience gave me a strong message.

I used to sleep with my aunt in a big bedroom located at the front part of the house. From that room’s windows, we can see our front porch and the garden with a big tree right in front of the window. There was only one light at the porch, and from inside the bedroom we could see the silhouette of someone is standing at the porch.

That night I lied on my bed with the lights turned off. Everyone was asleep, but although I began to feel drowsy, I can’t fall asleep at all. It was a very quiet night, and I can feel strange things in the atmosphere. Then another sleep paralysis took over my body, turning it stiff. I was unable to move any body parts. The room started to seem blurry. I could still see furnitures, windows with the curtains and all, but the atmosphere was different, as if I was in the same room but in another dimension. Then, I noticed someone (or something) is standing in front of my window, outside the room. I knew that silhouette. It was a pocong.

I’ve never seen a pocong before, but it really looked the way many Indonesian horror movies have portrayed it. The pocong was outside, but I could see it approaching, moving slowly through the window and into the room (it didn’t jump, note that). As it moved toward me, I could see clearly, very clearly: the knot at the top of its head, the dirty white, rumpled shroud it wore, stained with red soil. Graveyard soil. I noticed a pair of black eyes, which looked like a pair of endless black holes in a dark complexion. I didn't see his nose or his mouth, but I noticed as the dirty shroud started to unveil, a pair of skinny hands so dark they looked burnt. 

I was startled; my heart pounded so hard as if it would jump out of my chest. I didn’t know what to think or say, but even if I knew, I couldn't move my lips to say anythin. I was frozen, lying on the bed, with my sleeping aunt next to me, and a pocong moving towards me, trying to reach with its black hands. But there was one moment; one crucial moment when I finally managed to whisper ‘Allahu Akbar, go away!’ and things went back to normal and the pocong disappeared.

I was blinked my eyes twice to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I got off the bed, turned the lights on, and went to the bathroom to take a wudhu. I remember I haven’t done Isha prayer. So I thought the pocong was there to warn me. It was there to remind me that one day, I, too, will die, and when the time has come, I will have no second chance to do any prayer.”

(Wulan, Journalist at Brilio).



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