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Whether you post photos or political arguments, they all say something about you.

Retno Wulandari   10 November 2016 08:36

Photos organized in folders with comprehensive labels. It’s easy to see that Facebook users with this behavior treat social media the way they treat their life: highly organized and very neat. They’re super-careful decision makers, discipline, and hard workers.

Detailed profile. People with detailed social media profiles are open, artistic, creative and live their life with a big imagination, a study reveals. This type of digital persona used to utilize many features on their social media, and tend to fill the profile page completely. They also tend to post articles, quotes and inspiring pieces rather than communicating with specific friends.

Frequently tagged in friends’ photos. A 2102 study reveals that users with warm and friendly personality have a bigger chance to be tagged in their friends’ photos. Friendly people are usually pleasant and less competitive, make people comfortable to take photos together and tag them in the social media.

Statuses mostly about themselves. According to a 2014 study, people with the narcissistic tendency, who consider themselves better than others, post everything about themselves, including status and hundreds of selfies. Their intention is to impress people and to affirm that their presence is important for those around them.

When Facebook turns into a drama series, people behind those “dramatic” accounts are often associated with stress and depression which severity depends on the frequency of how many cry and angry emotion appear on their walls. They seek for supports they didn’t get in the real life, and statuses can be deeply personal and emotional.


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