Do not feel like you are the smartest person in the world, so you won’t be blinded and take the wrong direction.

Victoria Tunggono   01 February 2016 11:00 - Javanese people are one of the biggest Indonesian ethnics that strongly hold their ancestor’s philosophy. Some of which are using the ancient proverbs to maintain the daily human life. Although many thinks these values are outdated, they actually teach the best way to do in life. TribunNews had compiled five of the most popular proverbs that you can also carry them in your life.

1. 'Ojo Kuminter Mundak Keblinger, Ojo Cidra Mundak Cilaka'

The sentence means ‘do not feel like you are the smartest person in the world, so you won’t be blinded and take the wrong direction, do not cheat so you won’t be harmed’. Being a smart ass is different with feeling smart. Remember that there will always something better, bigger, or smarter than you in this world. While cheating may bring you to a temporary success, but people will find out sooner or later and it will jeopardize your name, reputation and success.

2. 'Ngluruk Tanpa Bala, Menang Tanpa Ngasorake, Digdaya Tanpa Aji, Sugih Tanpa Bandha'

‘Ngluruk tanpa bala’ means to fight or attack without an army. This doesn’t mean to do everything by your self but to teach people to not easily being led and dare to take responsibility on things that happened.

‘Menang tanpa ngasorake’ means if you win, do not mock the others. When you reach somewhere you deserve, just be grateful and keep it to yourself. Teasing other people won’t give your victory a meaning, but if you instead help others to get where you are, you are the true winner indeed.

‘Digdaya tanpa aji’ means a power without force. When you have power, it’s better not to have it from forcing it, from wealth or family heritage that makes you snobby. The real power actually created from prestige, image, words and attitude that are appreciated.

‘Sugih tanpa bandha’ means to be rich without wealth. Wealth is not the measurement for the real treasure but the good relationship with other people.

3. 'Urip Iku Urup'

This proverb means ‘life is light’. Like a flaming fire, our life should be burning and full of spirit that spreads and gives benefit to our neighbors. This life is not only about you but also about those people around.

“Urup” can also means “to exchange”. The concept is that everyone gets benefit. When we get something from people we should also give to others.

4. 'Sura Dira Jaya Jayadiningrat, Lebur Dening Pangastuti'

The proverb means ‘all kinds of desertion will be defeated by a gentle heart’. Desertion here means all evil things, and gentle heart means to give in and obey to God’s will. Vengeance is never the answer.

5. 'Ojo Gumunan lan Kagetan, Ojo Getunan lan Aleman'

‘Ojo Gumunan lan Kagetan’ means to not easily be amazed and shocked. Do not easily blinded by things or to idolize people because all the great things in the world are achievable if we put efforts into it. Also, only God is worth to be worshipped and adored.

‘Ojo Getunan lan Aleman’ means to not easily repent and sulk. Do not drown in regretting bad situation. Mistakes and failures are proof that you are a mere human and it happens to everyone. Do not be spoiled and dragged into the darkness of being negative. You have to get up and fix things to make it better and to be a better person.



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