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Know these eight persons with bad attitudes and keep yourself from being one of them!

Retno Wulandari   20 February 2016 10:00

Brilio.net - Every perfect workplace in the world has a public enemy. Bad eggs do exist, and it’s part of our professional world. But what if the villain turns out to be... you?

To make it worse, what if you didn’t know it!

Being a bad employee won’t get you fired, but could bring serious hindrance in your career. Know these eight persons with bad attitudes and keep yourself from being one of them!

1. The Authority Overstepper

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Every single role and position in a company has its own responsibility and parts to play. Authority does not always belong to the CEO or other top executives. For example, everything related to IT would be in IT division’s playground. It is the same for finance, sales, marketing, editorial, and so on.

Too bad, for many reasons, someone would sometimes overstep the authority. If you ever did that, maybe you want to speed up the process, and you have the skill. But your action could offend those who originally have the responsibility. People simply hate it.

2. The Master Whiner

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The last thing your depressed coworker want to hear is your blunt confession about how you hate your own job. If you never pass a day without whining about your less-appreciated and excessive workload, your manager sucking, or the fact that you’re underpaid,  you are most likely ruining your coworkers mood every day. A smart way to be a public enemy.

3. The Poor-tasker

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Having your tasks done on time is very important, especially if they relate closely to other coworkers’ tasks. But to have it done faster doesn’t mean that you can do it with poor quality and carelessness. If you work with this habit, you will probably be an additional burden to your coworkers, because they have to do much revision and refinement to pick up your slack.

4. The Outer-spacer

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This means you are often seen busy with things not-related to your job: preoccupied by your gadget, uploading photos and videos to social media, online-shopping or online-gaming. Even if you think that habit won’t affect your performance (because you’re an incredible multi-tasker) but that could backfire.

Your coworkers will assume you aren’t as professional and this will be a threat if the company carries out the 360 degrees review.

5. The Wanderer

It’s easy to feel depressed when you are stuck all day at your desk, imprisoned with stacks of tasks around you. Sometimes you want to back-off, go outside to have some coffee or tea, and maybe have a chit-chat with a friend in another division. To have your mind refreshed is important, but don’t wander too much and be hardly available if coworkers need your hands. If you have to leave your desk for a long while, just let them know and ask them to call/text you in need.

6. The Dirty-joker

A day without laughter is a day wasted, and a good sense of humor is needed to create harmonious relationships. But be careful with with a dirty sense of humour; it could leave people offended and uncomfortable. If you are a man, never blunt your dirty-jokes out in front of the ladies (they might sue you for sexual harrassment!).

7. The Blame Seeker

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In everyday office duties, mistakes do happen. If something went wrong on your team, the most elegant and wise way to make it right is to seek for a solution, not a coworker to be the guilt-bearer.

8. The Cliquie

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In every social interaction, there are always cliques. We tend to spend most of our time with those we’re comfortable being with and created a friend circle with. We might not realized that we’re creating a gap with the “outsider”and sometimes feel superior about being a part of a group. This condition would cause you trouble, especially when you started to feel uncomfortable to work with others outside your friend cirlce.

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