Faster harvests, fruits that are plumper, and better rice, are all achievable thanks to this non-chemical planting method

Ahada Ramadhana   30 October 2015 22:04 - Knowledge surely could be obtained from anywhere. Without having a formal education, people could still be an expert in a particular field. A prime example of this comes from Jimmy Hantu (46), who is now a graduate of Walisongo State Islamic Institute or known as Walisongo State Islamic University. Nowadays, he is busy with farming and gardening. He has hundreds of students that come to him for non-formal training to improve domestic agriculture.

Jimmy has always been taught to be independent and creative since he was a child living with his mother. His real name was Sujimin and he now has a lot of land in Bogor as an agricultural training site. The result of all his patience and efforts is successfully creating a hormone that is able to optimize plant growth and progress.

“Indonesian people always prefer the quick and instant way. Some vegetables that I planted did not grow quickly enough so I thought to myself that there must be a hormone that could affect the plant’s growth. So I discovered the superior plant hormone (hormon tanaman unggul shortened as hantu),” said the man who is also known as an amino acid expert to, Tuesday (11/8). Apparently this hormone is a mixture of cow’s milk and amino acid.

One of his students, Lalan Jaelani said that there are two superior products from Jimmy, which are hantu and jago tani. “Hantu is for the growth while jago tani is for post-fertilization,” said Lalan.

With the involvement of Jimmy’s products, harvest could be faster, fruits more plump, and rice could be tastier because they’re free of chemicals. “For instance, a harvest period which normally takes 20 days could be reduced to 15 days or from 90 days to 75 days,” said Jimmy. Ever since this superior plant hormone became popular, the hormone’s nickname, hantu, became Jimmy’s nickname as well.

Currently, Jimmy is modifying his plants to be a new kind of processed food. Some in-development products include jam from the stem of a dragon fruit and also shampoo from mushroom extracts. “Why do people hate to consume vegetables? Because they only serve ordinary ones,” said Jimmy while explaining the background of his food creations.


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