A wide array of artworks were on display that covers a swathe of production methods, philosophies, and concepts.

Muhammad Gufron Salim   29 October 2015 18:00

Brilio.net - Coming from grassroots tradition of academic art creation, Bagus Pandega (30) develops his efforts to expand his work in sculpture. He desires to create a sculpture which is able to speak, move, beep, and glow. The alumni of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) is encouraged to involve his audience in his works.

“Through the Bagus Pandega solo exhibition, we can see that his works are strongly related to installation art. Some of his works are analog products, vinyl, and some of the works displayed here are his most cherished works that he created when he graduated from the ITB postgraduate program. In total, there are eight works displayed here,” said Dimas (25), a staff of Cemeti Art House to brilio.net/en, Thursday (28/8).

The exhibition was held at Cemeti Art House and entitled A Monument That Tells Anything. This event is a presentation of artworks created by the Bandung-based artist that utilizes various processed systems and meticulously selected objects.

“Approximately, 30 visitors come every day. They are curious to see about the systems displayed,” he added.

Up to this day, Bagus Pandega has been a part of several domestic and foreign exhibitions. One of them is a solo exhibition at Art Basel, Hong Kong. It truly is inspiring, isn’t it?


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