It is the obligation for government to foster the small and middle-sized industry to apply for SNI certification.

  22 January 2016 10:15 - Many of famous electronic brands started small from a garage—to name a few are Apple and Dell. This is what also happened in a small village in Central Java. Not many would expect great things to come from Muhammad Kusrin, a humble man who opened a small business under the name of UD Haris Elektronika in Karanganyar, Central Java, for the past 4 years. The man who graduated only from elementary school did not have money to continue to higher education and decided to work on assembling cathode ray tube (CRT) television (or called as tube TV) using the used computer monitor tube that he taught himself to do.

Just last year, after four years producing many television units, Kusrin was convicted guilty for breaking the Law No. 3/2014 on Industry and the Changes in Regulation for not having the Indonesian National Standard (Standard Nasional Indonesia or SNI). Kusrin was accused of violating Article 120 (1) in conjunction with Article 53 (1b) of RI Law No. 3/2014 on Industry and Regulation No. 17 / M-IND / PER / 2012, Amendment Regulation No. 84 / M-IND / PER / 8 / 2010 on The Indonesian National Standard of Three Industrial Electronics Obligatory (which are water pump, electric iron and audio video).

Kusrin was sentenced to jail for six months with probational period for one year, as well as subsidiary IDR 2.5 million fine. The lawsuit also made the Karanganyar judicial officers took all of his creations and destroyed them. This made Kusrin devastated because along with it all of his effort and investment for four years were also gone in just seconds. By the help of his 35 employees, Kusrin used to produce up to 150 units of TV per day, or worth of IDR 75 million per day—which are all gone now.

Fortunately, the government saw this case as something that is more than law violation and worked on it. The Ministry of Industry finally gave UD Haris Elektronika the SNI certification in the Ministry of Industry Office in Jakarta last Tuesday (19/1/2016), because Kusrin had fulfilled all of the criterion, such as the use of new components for its casing, chasis, cables and machine. The use of former computer tube in the television unit has already gone through the quality test in Balai Besar Barang Teknik (Center for Technical Products) in Bandung and mentioned in the information label so it does not break the law.

Saleh Husin, the Industry Minister, said that the certification is worth given because of the innovation made by UD Haris Elektronika that the products is declared to pass the test in Balai Besar Barang Teknik. He also explained that the violation he was accused for before happened because Kusrin did not know the standards and regulations that applied. It is the obligation for government to foster the small and middle-sized industry to apply for SNI certification. This would improve the industry’s competitiveness and increase the product selling price.

“UD Haris Elektronika should be a role model for small businessmen. The creativity and innovation in producing television and coordination with the coach officers could increase the product quality of the small and middle-sized industry, also to avoid the law breaking,” said the Minister in Jakarta. He also urged the citizens and regional government to actively support the small and middle-sized industry to apply for SNI and promised to give accompaniment along the process.

Now UD Haris Elektronika already have at least 3 trademarks for its 14 inch and 17 inch TV units under the brands of Veloz, Maxreem and Zener. The selling price is IDR 500,000 and marketed in Solo and Yogyakarta. With the SNI certification Kusrin has a great vision for his business and willing to rebuild his destroyed empire.

(Reported by Victoria Tunggono)


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