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His left arm is moved with connected gears that help him work.

  22 January 2016 10:01 - There may not be many options left for someone who gets one of their hands paralyzed. But the difficult life did not allow I Wayan Sutawan to retire soon from his job as welder. To feed his wife and three children, the man who is often called Tawan has to work to repair housewares, electronics to motorcycle, apart from collecting junks and work as welder. But he does his work so well that his expertise made the people around called him Manusia Robot (Robot Man).

Six months ago, unfortunately, Tawan had a light stroke that paralyzed his left hand. But instead of giving up to the fate, he chose to get up and get the bright side out of it. He has to come up with something to keep him working so he started to design a hand robot for himself, using 90% junks: used computer parts, dynamo and motorbike parts—from the starter to shock breaker. He used a chip and put it on a device to be crowned on his head. The chip functions to control the movement of the hand robot by capturing the signal sent from his brain.

His left arm is moved with connected gears that help him work. Although graduated only from Rekayasa secondary technology school (Sekolah Teknologi Menengah or STM) and did not have the chance to continue to the university, this man gathered the information from internet and successfully built himself a helper for his left hand in his workshop at Nyuhtebel Village, in Karangasem, Bali. The project took up two months to make it fully functioning.

Tawan named his first robot project as EEG but some parts are still missing and the performance is not as smooth as he wants it. He hopes that he could get help in funding for this project to make it perfect and complete.

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(Reported by Victoria Tunggono)


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