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The government has had enough with all these nonsensical acts.

Sahil Nathani   14 April 2016 15:05

Brilio.net - Drunk-driving is an act that is a common traffic violation all over the world. In Thailand, the highly minimal consequences that are imposed on traffic violators result in a growing number of repeated cases. The government has had enough with all these nonsensical acts. As the second highest country in the world for traffic fatalities, the Thai government has recently passed a law whereby all drunk-drivers and traffic violators will be punished by being sent to work in morgues. Can you believe that?

The Thai annual Songkran holiday, which is referred to as “Seven Days of Danger” in this context, is the period of time where many locals ride on their motorbikes to return to their hometowns, often without any safety precautions such as helmets. Hence, the government hopes that the implementation of the new law will significantly reduce the number of violators and drunk-driving victims in the country especially during that time.

As horrifying as it may sound, this punishment aims to open the eyes of its offenders so that they can realize what sort of danger they are putting themselves in. Anurak Amornpetchsathaporn, Director of the Emergency Response Unit for the Bureau of Public Health, explained that “they should see the actual physical and mental damage. In the morgue, they will have to be cleaning up and transporting bodies, so that hopefully they would feel the pain, so that they may understand and attain a good conscience, so that it could be safer on the roads.”

The law will certainly serve as wake-up calls to not just locals in Thailand, but everyone around the globe. You wouldn't want your beloved country to come up with such a harsh law, would you? I mean, how much more cruel could it get?



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